Go Down, Moses: Tracing the Roots of the African-American Spiritual - Chicago a cappella

Go Down, Moses: Tracing the Roots of the African-American Spiritual

Tracing the history of the African-American spiritual, this disc includes early call-and-response and “Dr.Watt’s” style hymns, classic settings by the Fisk Jubilee Singers, and virtuosic contemporary arrangements by Moses Hogan, Jester Hairston, Peter Saltzman, and others.

  • Dodie Morris
  • Kathleen O’Brien Dietz
  • Deborah Guscott
  • Amy Pickering
  • Cary Lovett
  • Trevor Mitchell
  • Matt Greenberg
  • Aaron Johnson
  • Jonathan Miller
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This collection of 16 African-American spirituals is wonderful, boasting technical prowess tempered with the expressive emotionalism inherent in the genre. … an informative and entertaining overview of the spiritual style.


Additional Details

Chicago a cappella Records CAC2004
Running time: 59:33
Includes 16-page booklet with historical notes

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