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Custom Outreach Programs

Chicago a cappella’s Education Outreach Program seeks to serve singers and students of all ages and levels of experience.
All of our programs are taught by Artists from Chicago a cappella’s roster of singers and directors, many of whom have degrees in music education. All of our Artists have experience working with singers/choruses at a variety of experience levels. Each outreach program is individually planned and carefully tailored to fit the exact needs of each organization, and may include access to Chicago a cappella rehearsals and concerts. Our offerings include:

Master Classes

These workshops are administered by two or more Chicago a cappella artists and usually last between 60-120 minutes. Repertoire can be chosen by, or in conjunction with, Chicago a cappella’s artists. Master classes are typically relaxed in nature and allow for questions at the end. Observers are always welcome.

Choral Residencies

These residencies with school or community choirs serve as an introduction to a cappella singing for musicians new to the genre or as a source of expert training for more experienced singers. Residencies can be either short-term (3-5 visits) or long-term (typically 8-12 visits), and often focus on specific repertoire and skill building. Each visit is sequentially designed to complement the goals of the choral director and/or school curriculum and can be during or after the school day.

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