“The performances were achieved at a very high level — fresh and spirited, yet with exacting attention to intonation, blend and tonal refinement. ”

— John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune
February 16, 2016

“A real treat to hear that repertoire [spirituals] sung by people who really understand how this music works”

— Aled Jones, BBC Radio 3
May 20, 2012


“The harmonic blend achieved by these singers is so unified, so rich and smooth that it is positively orchestral...As the music of all these old spirituals resounded in the acoustically splendid place, it was impossible not to feel the deep faith and hope from which sprung this remarkable music.”

— Dorothy Andries, Pioneer Press
February 15, 2012

“The ensemble proved first class across the board — technically immaculate, nuanced and expressive, and fully embodying the unique style and elements of this fascinating music....this is not an event to miss.”

— Lawrence A. Johnson, Chicago Classical Review
September 26, 2011

“What was most striking throughout the entire evening was the versatility with which the ensemble embodied and deftly switched between the many styles of music on the program.…the perfectly balanced voices transported the audience… it was an enchanting evening.”

— Tim Sawyier,
December 14, 2010

“The singing is polished, committed, and fresh….one is left to marvel at how these singers sound like a single voice one moment, and separate-but-equal solo voices the next.”

— Lawrence Hansen, American Record Guide
October 31, 2009

“The Chicago area is blessed with several fine vocal ensembles, but none mixes unusual classical fare and familiar pop standards as appealingly as Chicago a cappella. ... As heard in various configurations last weekend, the nine members performed with fine-tuned ensemble and secure blend. Their singing was as alive to the poetry as it was to the word-settings, while the ease with which they interacted (with one another and with the audience) only added to one's listening pleasure.”

— John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune
April 22, 2009

“…as always the sounds of Chicago a cappella were perfectly polished and tastefully displayed. …a study in fine musicianship and clever vocal treatments.”

— Cathryn Wilkinson, Wednesday Journal
October 27, 2008

“...a combination of scrupulous preparation and breezy informality that other small ensembles would do well to emulate. Each member brought strong technique and appealing charisma to the mix, while music director Patrick Sinozich prepared a generous program notable for its seamless blend and finely weighted balance.”

— Michael Cameron, Chicago Tribune
April 20, 2008

“...the singers, as always, brought fire to the stage and had us laughing and even tearful as they traversed the rocky and familiar landscape of love. ...This ensemble embraces a musical challenge as if it were a box of Godiva chocolates.”

— Dorothy Andries, Chicago Sun-Times
February 13, 2007

“Fine choral singing was a hallmark of this [American Guild of Organists National] Convention, and the finest that Chicago had to offer was presented on Thursday morning by Chicago a cappella in St. Clement Church. Just when I thought one more straight-tone choir would make my head burst, this professional group of nine singers arrived to show how color, emotion, and expression need not be sacrificed for blending and intonation. They performed without a conductor, yet displayed breathtaking ensemble and control. The expressive use of vibrato by soloists was a lesson in stylistic elegance....every piece was approached with a unique choral color. Chicago a cappella is a jewel in the crown of Chicago's musical life.”

— David McFarlane, The American Organist
September 30, 2006

“Many ensembles talk about breaking out of the formal, traditional concert format to forge a stronger, more relaxed connection with audiences. At Saturday night's concert,...the nine attractive singers of Chicago a cappella demonstrated how it's done. These were classical musicians whose smiles and easy manner made the audience feel like welcome guests rather than potentially distracting intruders. Most importantly, of course, Chicago a cappella is a splendid vocal ensemble.”

— Wynne Delacoma, Chicago Sun-Times
April 23, 2006

“Chicago a cappella sings with clarity, well-balanced tone, and deep emotional involvement.”

— Joseph McLellan, Washington Post
October 8, 2005

“...a unique and astonishingly wide-ranging repertoire, at times serious and touching, at other times whimsical and witty, but always adventurous.”

— Don Gold, Chicago Tribune Magazine
February 21, 2004

“wit, imagination, flawless intonation, and an easy, idiomatic way with music of every period, from medieval to jazz, swing and gospel....”

— Dan Tucker, Chicago Tribune
October 6, 2002

“...the performances on this disc [Mathurin Forestier masses] are attention-getting. The nine voices that make up the group display all the professional attributes of world-class ensembles.”

— J. F. Weber, Fanfare
February 29, 2000