American Anthem Playlist

Jul 30, 2019

America The Beautiful   Samuel A. Ward & Katherine Lee Bates,
arr. David Angerman & Joseph M. Martin
Tenting Tonight
  John Ness Beck,
arr. Douglas Wagner
Will  The Circle Be Unbroken
  Trad. Appalachian,
arr. J. David Moore
Goin' Home   Dvorak and William Arms Fisher, arr. Paul Langford
Come Sunday   Duke Ellington, arr. J. Hoybye
Lift Every Voice and Sing   J. Rosamond Johnson,
arr. Roberto Burton
I Am Woman   Helen Reddy, arr. Langford
Quiet   MILCK
Medley: Give My Regards to Broadway; Johnny Get Your Gun; Over There; You're a Grand Old Flag   George M. Cohan,
arr. Patrick Sinozich
Changes   David Bowie, arr. Sinozich
America   Paul Simon, arr. Langford
Take Me Home, Country Roads   John Denver, arr. Stefan Wyatt
The Times They Are A-Chagin'   Bob Dylan; arr. Ann Downey, Shelley Posen, and Ian Robb
For What It's Worth   Stephen Stills, arr. Sinozich
Get Together   Chet Powers, arr. Langford
The Man in Black   John R. Cash,
arr. Joe Labozetta
Let it Go from Frozen   Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez,
arr. Roger Emerson
Born this Way   Lady Gaga and Jeppe Laursen, arr. Sinozich


On September 9, 2019,
Renay A McKenzie said:

Excellent playlist…based on times today!
Thank you.

On September 18, 2019,
Mary O'Connell said:

Love this idea, and love the song list (though I’m not familiar with all of them).  But, as the daughter & granddaughter of union members, I have to ask: where is the union song?  “Which side are you on?”  “Solidarity forever”?  Unions were, and are, a tremendously important part of the struggle for social justice, and deserve to have their anthems heard. Maybe you already have one and I missed it. Thanks for listening, and for this great idea.

On September 19, 2019,
Matt Greenberg said:

Mary, thanks for the input!  Our program is drawn almost entirely from songs/topics featured in the NPR series. They did present an episode about Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” as a worker’s rights song, however it wasn’t released until mid-July, which was well past the date at which all of our repertoire needed to be solidified.  It’s also true that for every program we end up not being able to include about 70% of the songs we really want to include, and this program is no exception!  Thanks again for the input - perhaps there is a “Part 2” of this program in our future!

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