20-21 Virtual Subscription: Frequently Asked Questions

Sep 1, 2020

Why have you chosen to cancel concerts for the year?

While we are deeply disappointed, we do not want to do anything that risks the safety of our singers, audience members, or staff.  Although masks and other safety precautions may reduce the risk, the barriers to creating a completely safe space for concerts at this time are simply too high.  The very nature of our art – singing together – is one of the riskiest endeavors right now.  Of course, we continue to look for creative solutions, and we are hopeful for scientific progress sooner rather than later.  If we discover a way to present a safe in-person event during the 2020-21 season, our Virtual Subscribers will have free tickets guaranteed!

Can I transfer my 20-21 subscription to the 21-22 season?

No, subscriptions for the 21-22 season will not be available until later in 2021.  With the future so full of uncertainty, concert dates and venues unclear, and the long timeline involved, we have decided to offer a virtual subscription – or refund or donation options – instead of a “credit” or transfer option. 

How will I gain access to the online content? Will I receive tickets?

No tickets!  We will send you an email for each new piece of programming as it becomes available.  So, for each new monthly video, each podcast episode, each concert video, etc., you will receive a separate email telling you something new is available for you.  The email will include a special link to access the program.

What technology/software will be needed to access the online content?

Whatever device(s) you already use to access the internet will give you access to our programs.  The special links we provide you in your programming emails will take you directly to the website or other online portal at which you can enjoy the content.  (A good speaker or earphones/earbuds is a nice extra, so you can enjoy the music fully.)  To participate in our Listening Club you may need to download Zoom (we’ll provide instructions), and you will also want to have a camera and microphone so that you can join the conversation, either via a desktop or laptop computer or a smart phone.

What will happen to my guest vouchers for 20-21?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a way for you to share these programs with non-subscribers during this most unusual season.  While we always appreciate you bringing friends to our live concerts, your 2020-21 guest vouchers simply won’t be usable.  We will, however, be providing some additional content – including some new videos – for the general public.  Subscribers will get exclusive first access to this content, and we hope you may want to share that with your friends!

Can I purchase online programs individually?

If you’d rather not subscribe to the entire season, several of this year’s programs will be available on an individual ticket basis.  Our podcast series, Bridging the Gap, as well as our Listening Club sessions and educational webinars will all be available for individual purchase.  

Can I apply my account credit from last season to the Virtual Subscription? 

Yes!  If you received an account credit from April 2020 (“Swing, Swing, Swing”), you may use that toward a Virtual Subscription for 20-21.  Prior to your purchase, simply email Sara Badger with the request at sbadger@chicagoacappella.org, so she can make sure you are charged correctly.

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On September 8, 2020,
Donald Newsom said:

Your Virtual Subscriptions are a splendid idea! Ironically, since I now spend my winters in Arizona, seeing you virtually will let me enjoy even more of your programming than usual. Best wishes!

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