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Oct 27, 2010

Holidays a cappella will include music from around the world and from many different styles and traditions.  We like all of it so much, it’s hard to choose an encore!  Something fun and upbeat?  Meditative and inspiring?  A new showpiece?  An old favorite?

Help us out by giving us your ideas…you just might have a hand in programming the concert! 

For some ideas, you can listen to some audio samples here, and read more details about the program in the press release.  Then post a comment below with your suggestion for the encore!


On October 28, 2010,
Yvonne said:

I don’t know if this is something you guys would want for an encore, but it’s definitely something you should consider for the future.

Bereden vag for Herran arr. by The Real Group. Beautiful piece, very calm. They’ve recorded it twice in Swedish, but there’s an English version as well. You can hear a few seconds of it on their website.

On October 29, 2010,
Carol Goerne said:

I have had the ” The Christmas Album, Chants de Noel mit Elisabeth Schwarzkopf - Charles Mackerras” since 1990, EMI 7635742.  It ends with the traditional Easter Alleluia which I have always felt was so fitting.  What do you think?

On October 29, 2010,
Greg Beckett said:

I suggest “Still, still, still”.  It would provide a lovely ending to the concert.  The song also ties in the “around the world” theme, since your program does not appear to include anything in German.

On October 29, 2010,
Susan said:

“I wonder as I wander” is my favorite

On October 29, 2010,
Laurie Howick said:

Mel Torme’s “The Christmas Song” esp as arranged by Ray Conniff on his “Christmas with Conniff” album - includes the opening verse - moves me to tears each time I hear it (it’s been a family favorite for 50+years)

On October 29, 2010,
Chicago a cappella said:

Love all these suggestions so far!  Anybody have any ideas of a song from the existing program that you think would work well as the encore…?

On October 29, 2010,
Jim Fancher said:

You have been ‘around the world’, but one unusual song that MAY be available—I have never seen music for it—is OUT of this world:  It’s the song that the WHO’s sing at their present-less Christmas after the Grinch steals their presents, food, etc…

On October 29, 2010,
Dan Dauner said:

“Bereden vag for Herran” gets my vote too (although it’s really an Advent piece)!  The Dale Warland Singers has a great recording of it (in English) on their “Christmas with the Dale Warland Singers” CD among other great arrangements/original pieces.

On October 30, 2010,
Leslie said:

Upbeat, African, with lots of rhythm ... no particular song in mind.

On October 30, 2010,
lois hobart said:

LOVE your creative programming, precision, passion and soul in all you do - i also ADORE your humorous edge and so appropriately placed. My “encore vote” is for chicago’s own - “hardrock, coco and joe”.  smile

On October 30, 2010,
Alison said:

I liked the song which you sang in your holiday program two or three years ago, which was on the theme of “when Christmas ends, then the real work of Christmas begins . . . who will sit with the sick, feed the hungry, etc”.  I don’t remember the name, but I found it very moving and felt it provided a very good message to take home and reflect upon.  Maybe a little too pensive for an encore, but I would love to hear it again.

On October 31, 2010,
Phyllis said:

As a choir member of 10 years(years ago), I remember that, for me, Christmas really started on Thanksgiving with a special service.  We sang a special version of “For The Beauty Of The Earth” by Eric Thinman which included a page of text giving thanks where a “speaker” sang a bit and the choir sang a bit with a quiet trumpet piece in the background.  We ended this “reading” with a hymn called Now Thank We All Our God.  It was very moving and wonderful to experience as a choir member year after year.  I can fax words if you want.

On November 4, 2010,
Joan Pederson said:

Go Tell it on the Mountain, the version that Jonathan and Susan will recall from their CCC days. Chicago a capella performed it once or twice in holiday concert(s) several years ago. Otherwise something else rousing to send us out into the night and/or cold. Save the contemplative stuff for other parts of the program.

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